Buying Sweet Dresses Online

The fall season is now in full swing and if you have not yet started your autumns shopping then this is definitely the right time to start doing so. By this time, most of the new fashion trends that will rule the season are already known and so your choices are going to be made much easier, particularly if you are in the search for sweet dresses. But, even so, you are still going to have to make a decision on the right place to buy the said dresses.

Once you have decided to shop for sweet dresses, two purchasing options will immediately be presented to you. The first option is to go the traditional route and visit physical shopping malls and look for the dress you desire. This option has the advantage in that what you see is exactly what you get. In addition you can try out any dress before buying it and you are therefore able to identify any possible faults with the dress before any payment is made. However, the biggest disadvantage here is that since you are physically sorting through tons of clothing items then you might probably have to commit hours or even days to the shopping business before you are finally able to find the kind of clothes that you are looking for.

Shopping for sweet dresses online, on the other hand, is a much more modern and more convenient option for anyone doing some last minute fall clothes shopping. Provided you have a mobile wallet and a reliable connection to the internet then you can start shopping for clothes in a matter of minutes without even having to quit the comfort of your bedroom or living room. This is one of the main reasons why most customers prefer to shop for their clothes online rather than going to buy them from physical stores. Another reason why online clothes shopping has been gradually taking root is because of the fact that customers are able to get a wider variety from which to choose whenever they decide  to use this option. Since you are not going through physical items one at a time, you will be able to explore multiple categories and browse through tons of clothes in your search for the right ones all in a matter of minutes.

Not shopping for clothes online is not all rosy and it also comes with its own share of risks. Without adequate preparation and knowledge you might easily end up with the wrong clothing items or lose your hard earned money to online fraudsters posing as genuine clothes vendors. The key here is to only shop from reputable online vendors like …. Who have established a long reputation of trust, reliability and quality among their clients and customers? For more visit

Why Men’s Suits Are Always Fashionable

Men’s suits are one of the many things that man can be identified in the society. Aside from luxurious accessories man would want in his manly collections such as watches, cars, mansions, etc.; suits are the armada he can always count on. It is undeniably that men’s personality and status quo can be as well associated with the men’s clothes he wears.

One fact that men’s dress give off is the elegance it portrays. This is the main reason why these clothes are man’s greatest apparel worn on special gatherings and formal events like weddings, business functions, conferences, burial, thanksgiving, social meets, and others. Another thing is that, suits for men never go out of fashion. It may seem left out by women’s apparel in terms of creating newer trendy women dresses and gowns; however, what actually true is that, year by year, designers come up with newer designs as well for men’s clothing.

Through time, black mens suits became a symbol of sophistication, elegance, and grace. It has also become the most worn and prominent suit in formal gatherings and social meets. These are also perfect as business suits because it connotes a personality of authority and professionalism. On the other hand, white suits became the most suitable suit color for mens suits. These suits are perfect as weddings suits and for formal gatherings to stand out in the crowd. With its regal and charming look, wearing white suits are indeed the most stylish and sophisticated in the market.

Dignified and nobility are the characteristics that can be associated with his suit. Black suits and white suits are the best choice for people of the higher echelon in the society. Rich fabric and good tailoring are among the main things that these suits are made of. These two mens suit are just part of the many suit type out in the market like the many different designs and color that men’s suits offer. And thus, there are many suit styles, designs, and fabrics that kept on evolving in the fashion world that can be credited to talented designers of the time.

Mens Leather Wallets – All time Favorite Christmas Gift

People love to give gifts on Christmas, as it is the festival of love and gifts. Presenting gifts to men by women is the best way to make an impression on occasion like Christmas. Mens leather wallets are always considered to be best gifts for men. These mens wallets are quite common on every occasion.

There are lots of stylish and trendy wallets are available in the market, but the standard ones are the wallets. For mens wallets are status symbol accessories, they love to have stylish and branded mens leather wallets. These branded wallets are the choice of many people, as they symbolize royalty and standard.

Mens leather wallets always remain in fashion throughout the year; change in fashion does not affect these wallets sales. They are considered as a luxury accessory by majority of the men; as the prices of designer wallets always remain high, beyond the reach of common man they categorize as luxury accessory.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the man you love most, mens leather wallets are the best choice. You have plenty of colors and textures in mens wallets that you may offer by many stores. Wallets are the most elegant gift on festivals like Christmas that you love to gift your dear ones.

Designer wallets resist deterioration because of climatic factors, therefore your wallet remains as new for a long time. You would also able to get the customized mens leather wallets for the person you want to give as a gift on Christmas by getting engraving on leather. It is quite possible to engrave a name or monogram on the wallet in order to personalize it.

Customers are always suggested to consider the material used in leather wallets. As you can find wallets from lambskin to alligator leather which may duplicate also. It is not necessary, if something is leather it would be best in the market. You have leather like rawhide, ostrich leather, alligator and lambskin. Always try to avoid from poured as well as from a single roll leather. Mens wallets made of natural leather are considered the best and durable among all other wallet.

Mens leather wallets are the symbol of durability, as leather is well-known for its rough and tough feature. They provide a protection to your money and critical data. Moreover mens wallets made of leather are easy to clean and keep in pockets. Their look and shine always remain the same if it is made of pure natural leather.

So what are you waiting for? Christmas season enables you to grab the heavy discounts from almost every store around you. You can get your mens leather wallets at your place through fastest courier service just by ordering on phone or via online stores. You are advice to check many stores to select the best appropriate option.

2010 Fall Fashion Fever – Best Trends For women Leaders

Professional businesswomen aspiring to step up their images and make their personal brands shine under the leadership spotlight need to understand which fashion trends are appropriate for the business environment – and how to incorporate them into ensembles that convey professional expertise. Do that and your image will help you become a recognized celebrity within your particular profession or industry.

I never advise my top-level clients to invest in fads for their working wardrobes, but instead I recommend classic-modern styles that are simultaneously contemporary and timeless. But as a senior level retail executive and your professional image and brand strategist, I’ve done all the research for you! Using my latest trend report you can easily navigate your way through the department store to select your fall wardrobe while saving both time and money. I’ll show you how to invest in what works for your personal brand to keep you looking unique, innovative, and contemporary. This season is all about timeless pieces, structured sophisticated silhouettes, and exquisite fabrics and shape accessories that give your nine-to-five look a memorable signature that spells success and charisma.

I reveal a dozen top new trends that communicate professionalism for every woman leader and high achiever. No matter what type of work environment you find yourself in – from formal to business casual or even ultra casual – you can capture the essence of these trends and incorporate that style into your business wardrobe to look outstanding as you enhance your personal brand and professional reputation.

Fashion Trends to Celebrate Your personal Brand

It’s important to realize that a contemporary wardrobe is like a uniform or an actor’s costume. What you wear and how you wear it is definitely an extension of your professional brand and every day your wardrobe broadcasts messages to others over the business airwaves. Your clothes speak to your level of inner confidence, express your unique style, and symbolize your expertise and character. One of the most common complaints I hear from clients before they work with me is that they look like everyone else in the same suit or cookie cutter outfit. But I know that they simply lack the knowledge of how to leverage fashion trends – not fads – to make them unique and memorable so they will stand out from competitors in a dynamic and positive way. Your head to toe look tells the story of your brand through a visual narrative. So it’s important that the story you are telling is one that others will read as an engaging and convincing “Celebrity with Credibility” news flash.

Fall into Neutral Colors with Grey and Camel

This season no professional can go wrong wearing shades of rich heather grey or camel in their business suits, jackets, skirts, pants, dress coats, and accessories. Look to incorporate these two tones with a suede pump, a quilted Chanel bag, or in monochromatic tones to communicate you’re a classic-elegant woman. I love the streamlined silhouette look that is accomplished by dressing in monochromatic tones of either grey or camel from head to toe. Wear the same basic tones in a wool coat, sweater, trousers, belt, and shoes or boots for those business casual days. But be sure to add some rich texture to this look – otherwise it can appear boring. A suede belt or shoes would easily do the trick. You can also look to mix and match these two tones of camel and grey together. With a charcoal grey suit, for instance, opt for a camel and grey print silk blouse that adds some feminine interest to your power suit.

Who Wears the Pants Now?

This season, it’s all about the pant suit and you will see many styles resembling the menswear silhouettes from yesteryear. But it takes a real lady to enhance the look with a few strategically powerful feminine details. Do that and you will dramatically modernize your look from head to head – and you’ll be ready to compete successfully while going toe-to-toe with male counterparts in any business setting. A great feminine blouse or shoes is one simple but effective way to add ladylike style and grace to the design profile of the traditional men’s uniform – the power suit.

The Statement Jacket – Your Quintessential Go-To Item

Every professional woman knows that when she wants to gracefully glide up the corporate ladder or attract more elite clientele, a few statement jackets will empower her work wardrobe. This season the statement jacket is about sophisticated, structured silhouettes made out of exquisite fabrics with a hint of texture like brocade, tweed, boiled wool, tropical wool, or cotton. Anchor your wardrobe with modern styles like collarless, asymmetrical zip, peplum, 2-button, ruffle trim, or shawl collar styles. Every woman leader needs to exude trustworthiness, strength, and confidence – and statement jackets that you can coordinate with various professional skirts and pants to multiply your ensemble possibilities are the answer this fall.

Beautiful Feminine Details

You will see beautifully refined dressy blouses and shirts in fabrics like crepe, satin, sateen, silk georgette, metallic, and silk charmeuse this fall. So you can have the best of both worlds by powerfully showing your softer side. The fashion focus is on showing off the fine details of this season’s blouses, high up on the neckline. Those include professional wear styles that have, for instance, a draped cowl neckline, a subtle neck chain detail, ruffles on collars and down through the torso, pin tucking details, small neck ties, and pleated round necklines.

The “It Dress” Refined for Fall

One great advantage that women leaders have that our male colleagues don’t is the flexibility to wear easy options like a great dress. This season the “It dress” styles are sheath dresses with either a split neck or a knot tie at the shoulder; dresses with any type of neckline details; solid dark neutral knit dresses; wrap style jersey knit dresses in an array of colorful prints; trench shirt dresses; Pointe knits with princess seams; belted sheath dresses, or simple styles with peplum details. All of the modern styles will be ladylike and nipped in at the waist, giving just the hint of a waistline. Shop for luxurious fabrics and unexpected prints – because when you only wear one item it needs to combine fine quality, texture, and detail to make it a stand-alone look you can wear to work.

The New Trousers

Pants this season will be sleek, long, and lean – with a menswear-inspired look in straight or pencil leg styles. That kind of design lets everything else on your upper torso do the talking and instantly helps to balance out your proportions. Once again you can’t go wrong with colors like camel or grey to round out your wardrobe. There isn’t a woman’s body type on this earth that doesn’t look fabulous in straight cut pants! I always advise my clients that if they ever find a pair of pants that fits their body type they should purchase them in numerous neutral colors to easily look polished in every business casual environment. With the new menswear styles be sure to wear a high heel because that will contribute a more feminine feel to those otherwise rather masculine fabrics and cuts.

Fuller Skirt Silhouettes

Look for skirts this season in luxurious fabrics and modern silhouettes. It’s the return of old world glamour – similar to the secretary styles you see on the hit Tv show Mad Men. Those fuller skirts from the 1950s are new again. The pencil skirt has an updated style too, and the flared hemline will make every leg shapelier and add some sway to your walk. Now I call that making a silently classy but memorable entrance!

Wrap Yourself in Sophistication

Give a warm welcome to the new statement outerwear. Coats for fall come in animal prints, brocade designs, suede, faux fur, and classic wool styles. The silhouettes will be stronger, with bolder shoulders and slimmer silhouettes to give you a refined sense of sophistication and elegance. If you work in a more business casual environment, you may want to try out one of the new cape coats that offer stylish fluidity when you wear them with a great straight cut trouser pant. It’s the counterpoint to a streamlined silhouette, so remember that you need to wear that wide cape over a slimmer lower torso in order to keep your proportions balanced.

Animal Feline Style

Animal prints have become a classic print, and they are one way to jazz up your classic wardrobe items. Add a touch of an animal print in a handbag, shoe, silk blouse, scarf, or trench coat. These can be small statement pieces that add some interest but you will want to keep these to a minimum. Otherwise you can call too much attention to yourself with a clothing statement that has so much of the animal element in it that it becomes a little difficult to tame.

Ladylike Handbags

This year the handbag is back. It has a more structured look with architectural details and silhouettes and there is a perfect style for every lady. The bags of the season are: the drawstring bag – which is a throwback to the 1970s that resembles the long-handled bucket bag; the clutch style with sharp edges – to take you from day to night without missing a beat; and the smartly structured handbag – like, for example, the classic square bag with a large signature clasp (worn with a strap over the shoulder messenger style). That was a favorite of Jackie Onassis. In tote bags you’ll see an array of multi-handled carry-alls in alluring snakeskin. They come in tones that range from tomato red to warm cognac. Or you can opt for the color of the season by purchasing a grey suede tote bag that keeps you looking professional and also does double duty as the ideal travel bag.

Don’t Just Talk the Talk but Walk the Walk Walk the classic route that speaks volumes about your style by wearing the new pointy-toe heels or bold and colorful peep-toe pumps. Then downshift into my favorite – the kitten heel. This fall shoes will be in colorful tones, and that offers you a great way to quickly add a pop of color to your basic suit. If you are wearing a pantsuit and work in a more casual environment, then consider a suede shoe bootie to add some heel height, texture, and interest to your long, lean look. This season it will be a breeze to add variety to all your casual looks with the wide selection of boot styles that are coming to stores for fall.

Accessory Magic

One of the wisest investments this season is pearls – either layered or worn alone. You’ll continue to see statement necklaces in multiple strands this season but be cautious. You don’t want your necklace to upstage your presence, so try to keep it simple and elegant. A textured cuff is also a great way to add some jewelry and intrigue to your solid work dress.

Follow these trend tips and fall fashion guidelines and you can save time and money shopping this season while also adding some noticeable innovation and unique style to your core wardrobe. Knowing what to buy – and how to incorporate it into your overall image and branding strategy – is not just fun but it can also pay huge dividends on your clothing investment, both personally and professionally. You’ll feel better, look wonderful, and will always stand out above your peers and competitors in a way that invites greater success.

Fashion Trends In Men’s Designer Shirts

In today’s day and age, men’s fashion is at its pinnacle. Men are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing in the fashion industry. Speaking of the fashion industry, one name that stands out quite eminently is “Robert Graham”. Moreover, it’s a brand name that is instilled in the mind of almost every fashion enthusiast (especially men). Such is his level of excellence and recognition! For instance, if someone asks you: “listen are you wearing a Robert Graham dress shirt”, it’s indeed a compliment.

Robin Stock (his original name) is an American fashion designer, who got much of his inspiration and ideas from his father’s passion for exquisitely designed dress shirts. Additionally, he developed a strong penchant for elegant style and tailoring at a pretty young age.

It was in 2001 that he launched his first collection of luxury menswear which gave dress shirts a whole new level of style and sophistication. Since then, the brand has evolved tremendously, producing a number of spectacular shirts with prominent facets such as embroidered cuffs, ribbon stitching, etc.

Some key factors that make Robert Graham dress shirts such a fine and valuable option are their intricate designs, high-end fabrics, untucked style, and of course, the brand value.

Here’s what Most Designer Shirts Have In common.

Untucked Style

At present, untucked dress shirts are a growing trend. Modern men are more inclined to wear untucked shirts primarily due to two reasons. First of all, it’s convenient. You don’t have to tuck it in your pant/jeans and then adjust it. All you have to do is put the shirt on and you’re good to go. Secondly, it adds way more style and modernity to your personality, in comparison to ordinary shirts.

Detailed & Intricate Designs

No dress shirt can exhibit a perfect look without prominent details and intricate designs (something quite common in Robert Graham). It’s absolutely essential for a complete look. This exhibits a stunning contrasting look, which eventually makes you more attractive. Moreover, it also makes the shirt’s design (print) more prominent. After all, the more appeal it (design) has, the greater will be its chance of standing out and making you look stylish.

High End Fabrics

Top quality fabric is of paramount importance. It’s is indeed the factor which separates excellent products from mediocre ones. That is why both brands utilize only high-end fabrics for making their dress shirts. This ensures appeal (visual) as well as extended wearability.

Luxury Gift ideas For A Choosy Man

Looking for a gift for that choosy man in your life? Something different, a touch of luxury, but far away travel or a Ferrari are not options, here are some ideas…

No longer are bags just something for the ladies. The discerning man will know how necessary it is to own cases & bags. They have become accessories & have many uses.

Here are just a few examples of what’s on offer.

Messenger Bags

As the name suggests these were originally used by messengers for carrying the mail or goods. Similar to the old satchel, today they have become a fashion accessory, they are trendy, can be found in many designer houses & have become popular in many corporate circles. With a strap that fits over one shoulder & across the chest, these bags make it easy to carry large documents or heavy items around & it is easy to access the contents. If you choose one on the leather styles, it will be more weather resistant than the canvas designs.

Luxury Briefcases

For the man that likes to lives life in the fast lane a briefcase could make a useful gift. Briefcases have progressed since the days Lawyers used them to take papers to & from court. During the 50’s & 60’s if you had been in the city of London you would almost certainly have seen men making their way to the office. These days businessmen of all ages have a variety of styles to choose between & may even decide to… depending upon his mood or the occasion.


Most of us travel at some time, be it a romantic weekend, an overnight business trip or a mini break. The men I know never take as much luggage as the ladies. The thought of carrying bulky luggage doesn’t make sense. There are so many styles & fabrics around from practical classic designs to funky trendy duffels. Whatever you decide upon they are likely to have compartments to separate his toiletries from his sports kit or work wear.

The idea of handmade, bespoke goods conjures up the impression of luxury & yet they don’t have to cost a fortune. Accessories for men have advanced, they have been adapted to suit the requirements of the modern man, they have compartments for carrying gadgets like laptops, mobiles & notepads. Many have multiple uses, with zips & pockets, some are soft & others have a firmer frame. The type of bag that a man chooses can be as personal as the suit he wears. If however you know him well it’s likely you will have a good idea of his style & tastes.

Shoes For women With Flat Feet – Discover how to Select the perfect Shoes

The design of women shoes should be different from the men’s variant since there are some basic differences that are present in the profile of men and women feet. When it comes to the selection of shoes for women with flat feet, it is essential to identify the best shoe that will be providing favorable characteristics.

There are many women who have been benefited in a great manner due to the presence of these substances that provide wonderful relief from pain. There is wonderful information that is present below and will be of good use in selecting shoes that will offer high quality performance and also at the same time improve the durability aspects of these shoes. Some of the essential features that will be of good use in identifying proper shoes include:

Good quality insole that is perfectly deigned for flat foot
Effective cushioning effects
Effective ankle protection

One of the important features of shoes that will be of great use in providing wonderful performance is a effectively deigned insole. It will be possible to obtain wonderful cushion effects with the help of an insole that is deigned in the best possible manner. The material that is being used for this purpose should be able to resist various kinds of forces that act on this material.

It is also possible to make customized insoles such that this product will be designed in a wonderful manner to withstand sudden impacts that act on the material of the shoes. Many people are greatly satisfied by the quality of results that is obtained with the help of this shoe. Some people are also able to get benefited in a wonderful manner with the help of various kinds of designs that are available.

There is a great tendency among people with flat foot to develop various kinds of pain in other regions of the foot such as ankles. Thus shoes for flat foot should be designed in such a manner they will be able to offer protection to the ankle. There are many people who are able to get effective pain relief with the help of this method.

There are many kinds of shoes that are available on the market. It is essential to select shoes that will offer best performance on daily basis. This will be of good use in overcoming the flat foot problem that is found among women.

Converse All Star Women’s Shoes – Go Girly All the way!

Once upon a time, Converse All Star shoes were for men only. Luckily for women those days are long gone. The look, the feel, the sheer greatness of the Chuck Taylor style is for everyone, even if the full name is Charlene, rather than Charles. Check out the line of Converse All Star women shoes.

One look at the Converse All Star Light Ox model will prove that. These Converse shoes have the classic elements, for sure. But they’re as feminine as perfume. They’ll feel like a gentle aroma has enveloped your foot, too.

The Converse All Star Soft Leather takes that feeling a step further. Substituting leather for textile does more than just create a different color. It changes the statement. Soft, subtle, and supple, these Converse low tops are practically indestructible, yet manage to feel like warm air on your feet.

There’s a wonderful high top variation on that theme: the Converse All Star Soft Cuir Hi. “Cuir” is French for “leather” but there’s more than just a name change at work here. The high top creates a comfortable envelope for the ankle and a great style that is meant to be shown.

For a complete contrast in a high top, check out the Converse All Star Satin Flowers Hi. Fun, girly, and ‘painted’ in multiple colors, you still get that classic ‘basketball’ shoe you can use for any activity.

Go all girly with the Converse All Star Butterfly Hearts Hi high top shoe. You could be nine or ninety and these women Converse shoes would be right for you. The delicate purple butterfly motif is highlighted by the bright purple inner, a great contrast to the white canvas of the exterior.

Then run to look at the Converse All Star Century Graphic Hi high top trainers, a style that creates energy every time you wear them. Funky, even in black and white, the graphics are fun, varied, and an ideal way to flesh out your wardrobe. Make them all your own and draw a self-designed logo on the inner.

You don’t have to be Scottish to appreciate that design in plaid, either. Truth be told, though, the Converse All Star Grunge Plaid is about as far from grunge as a three piece suit. Funky, yes. Urban? You bet. But there’s nothing scruffy about these cool Converse shoes. It’s glam all the way.

And, coming back to the theme that what goes for guys goes for gals, we have the Converse All Star Gazer shoe. Want to be an astronomer or an astronaut? Excellent. Lace up a pair of these Converse All Stars in classic black, white, and red and you’ve taken your first step.

Prefer your outer space fantasy style instead? No problem. Slip on the Converse All Star Sci-Fi Words Ox and take off. You don’t have to be a galactic princess to wear these shoes, but you’ll feel like one when you do.

Would you Walk a thousand Miles in your Shoes?

Have you ever walked a thousand miles in someone elses shoes? It can be the most painful thing to endure. However, walking a thousand miles in a pair of comfort shoes is much more enjoyable than a painful walk. These specialty shoes have a variety of styles and use new technologies to comfort any uncomfortable foot situation.

It is said that the Rockport was the first company to marry together the ideas of fashionable footwear and athletic footwear. In other words, footwear that looks good, but isn’t killing your feet after an hour of standing or walking. These shoes combine the technology of athletic footwear and yet remain stylish and appropriate for any business attire.

Technologies and styles, for both men and women, are available for any purpose. For men, there are a total of two distinct technologies to choose from most brands’ product lines. Choosing between a shoe that keeps your feet cool and a shoe that is designed for all terrains can be a difficult one to make. But many comfort brands offers that choice to its customers. Many of their shoes are also available in machine washable styles as well as waterproof styles that keeps feet dry during any weather.

There are similar product offerings available within the women’s product line. There are a total of four or five technologies within most women’s product lines. They include the two varieties available in the men’s styles along with a special technology applied to high-heel women shoes. This innovation allows women to wear the a stylish pumped shoe while being comfortable at the same time.

You will find that each brand line offers a variety of colors and styles. And contrary to what one might think, the styles do not just include casual styles, but also more business appropriate styles and colors. The shoes that are offered are perfect for the business man or women on the go, who cover a lot of ground. They provide protection against injury and shoe damage based on the technology the owner chooses is most important. Many of the collections in both men and womens styles have a combined technology base, offering the customer the best of both or all worlds of each collection.

Walking a thousand miles in someone elses shoes may not sound like an afternoon of fun for you. However, if that someone owns a pair of comfort shoes, you might want to rethink that decision!


The Pros and cons of a Corporate Clothing Allowance

When it comes to the corporate clothing your employees wear, do you prefer to provide it yourself or give them a clothing allowance so you don’t have to worry about choosing their attire? While each has their benefits, here are some pros and cons to giving your employees a clothing allowance.

Advantages of a Corporate Clothing Allowance

You may not have the time to delegate each item of clothing your employees wear, especially if you run a large corporation. By providing your employees with a clothing allowance, both you and the employee can benefit in the following ways:

You will not have to take the time to choose the best clothing for each of your employees
Your employees will have a little bit of freedom when it comes to deciding what they wear to work.
A certain colour or fabric may look better on their frame than another, and if everyone is wearing different types of corporate clothing, they don’t have to wear something that isn’t flattering.
Employees don’t have to worry about the cost of their clothing. A clothing allowance allows them to choose the type of clothing they need, whether it is pantyhose, socks, shoes, suits, or dress shirts.
Disadvantages of a Clothing Allowance

While there are several advantages to providing your employees with a corporate clothing allowance, there are quite a few disadvantages as well.

Employees may fail to provides receipts as proof they used the allowance for clothing
Clothing items that are not needed for use in the work place may be purchased and worn other places.
Employees may not reserve certain items, like belts, shoes, and shirts for just the workplace. As a result, these clothing items may become worn from excess use.
They may provide proof of a clothing purchase, but may sell the item and keep the extra cash for themselves.
Certain employees may choose inappropriate clothing items, which may not reflect the professional attitude of your company.
Employees may spend all of their allowance on one expensive item of clothing and may not be able to afford the rest of the clothing they need to work with your company.
The bottom Line on Clothing Allowances

While clothing allowances can give your employees the freedom to choose the clothes they want to wear, you may not be happy with the results. Some workers may even take advantage of your kindness, especially if they already own professional attire.

Consider the advantages of using a clothes allowance and see if you can provide your employees with the same advantages when you supply corporate clothes. Many times, corporate wear can be altered and tailored to fit and hang well on many different types of body frames. You may want to provide other needed items besides the basic clothing, such as shirts and socks.

All in all, you may find it is better to provide your workers with the corporate clothing you wish for them to wear in order to avoid problems.