Common Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing the Gown

One of the most long-awaited & wonderful celebrations in every girl’s life is wedding. A bridal gown is the most significant attribute of the event. Because of ignorance or because of the excess of unnecessary information, many brides make gross mistakes during the selection of bridal gowns. Well, we’ll talk about these mistakes, and give advice on how to avoid them.
Unsuitable Style

Seeing a fashionable wedding dress on the Internet or in a women’s magazine, many brides immediately fall in love with it. However, they do not take into account that each wedding dress is individual and if it fits well-known models, it does not mean that it will suit everyone. Therefore, be realistic and do not be discouraged if, during the fitting, the chosen outfit does not suit you at all. It is better to listen to the advice of employees of the bridal salon, who will pick up a dress that fits your figure shape.

Not That Size

Many girls want to be slimmer at the wedding and try to lose weight, at least a few pounds, a month and a half before the event. Believing that they will achieve this goal, they start trying on, and then purchase a bridal gown of a smaller size. Unfortunately, the result is not always the same as the bride expected, and the dress she bought is too tight.

Bad Recommendations

A lot of brides don’t listen to the inner voice while buying dresses, following other people’s advice. Due to this, a girl feels non-comfortable in the chosen bridal gown. Therefore, she should trust her inner voice, because she will wear a bridal gown, not her relatives or friends.

Not That Season

Sometimes, girls do not consider the season when purchasing a bridal gown. So, pay attention to the fabric from which it is sewn. In winter, you need to choose clothes made of velvet or brocade. In summer, you can wear dresses made of silk, satin or chiffon.

Improperly Selected Color

Most brides want to be in a white dress during the wedding, but, unfortunately, white color doesn’t match all. Therefore, consider dresses of different colors and shades and choose the one that you like best.

Many Excess Adornments

Often brides decorate their bridal gowns with beautiful flowers, lace & a lot of rhinestones. In addition, they wear a lot of jewelry for the wedding. As a result, it turns out bust. Therefore, the more magnificently you would like to look in your bridal gown, the more modest should the wedding accessories be.

Purchasing the Dress at the Latest Moment

Very often, some brides delay the purchase of a wedding dress to the very last moment. As a result, the dress does not match the groom’s outfit at all and does not correspond to the general style of the wedding. So get the wedding dress in advance. It is best to start choosing it from the moment you submitted the documents to the registry office.

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