Dressing for summer: luxury menswear

Summer season sartorial choices are not always as simple as first impressions suggest. As temperatures rise, the thought of stepping into a stylish ensemble may not sound particularly appealing; however, you will quickly master the skill of looking luxe and feeling cool, even on the balmiest of days, with these top tips.

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Royal Regatta chic

When executed correctly, this elegant and sporty aesthetic looks effortless and shrouds the wearer in an enviable level of comfort as the mercury rises. It is essential to avoid looking like you have just arrived at an admittedly very chic fancy dress party by overdoing the boat-themed prints and classic checks; instead, ensure the majority of your ensemble is toned down, allowing one signature piece to attract all the attention.

Wimbledon whites

Although wearing white in summer to keep cool may be a bit of an urban legend, white clothing will continue to encapsulate the go-to aesthetic of many throughout the warmer months for many seasons to come.

This tailored, preppy style is youthful and carefree; however, the key is to introduce small blocks of colour for a touch of interest and contrast. A crisp white shirt with a contrasting collar is always appropriate. When paired with a tailored blazer – preferably in a flattering navy hue – and light-toned trousers, the result is a winning Wimbledon look without any risk of overheating.

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Gold Cup sophistication

White trousers and blazers are always going to be stylish; however, if you want to stand out, try opting for a breathable linen-blend suit in either a muted biscuit taupe or subtle eggshell tone. Always worth the investment, mens designer clothes have been created with maximum comfort in mind. Pair your light-toned suit with a tailored shirt, ideally in a soft cotton material, from a stockist such as http://www.ejmenswear.com. This will secure a well-defined aesthetic with maximum comfort in mind.

Black tie elegance

As darkness falls, the luxurious elegance of a classic tuxedo is often too difficult to resist. While succumbing to the charms of a white tuxedo is not recommended, there are other ways to ensure those balmy twilight occasions are not unpleasantly uncomfortable. In place of a classic dress shoe and sock combination, opting for a soft velvet slipper shoe – minus socks, of course – will elevate your timeless tux and simultaneously ensure maximum breathability for first-class comfort.

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